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About RAW Workouts

Verity Hull, owner and operator of Raw Workouts

Raw Workouts is owned and operated by Verity Hull.  Its purpose is to design personalized fitness strategies for health-minded individuals.  Raw Workouts caters to those interested in developing muscular strength, improving cardiovascular health, or simply looking to FEEL great naked.

The name, “Raw Workouts,” specifically refers to simplifying the daunting tasks of staying fit and eating right.  There are no fads, fancy formulas, ridiculous equipment, or slick sales representatives with “deals.”  It’s focus, drive, and hard work that allow members to achieve their desired level of health.  That is our attitude.  That is our goal.  That is life in its truest form… Raw.

Our Goal

Raw Workouts provides personalized wellness strategies for individuals willing to dedicate themselves to a healthy lifestyle.  Our primary goal is to strip away the fads, fillers, and deceptive “quick-fixes” that cause confusion and frustration, and instead, promote the idea of a natural body formed from hard work and true devotion.  In simplifying the process, mothers and fathers will have more time for their kids, “workaholics” will have more time for their work, and students will have more time for their studies.  Raw Workouts does not believe in selling expensive gimmicks.  We sell a service proven to be effective.  You pay for that service.  Period.

We believe in longevity for all clients, promoting proper form during workouts, improved posture throughout the day, and a healthy outlook on food choices as a lifestyle, not a “crash diet”.  Different niches we cater to include athletes, parents and individuals with time constraints, traveling business people, and elders looking to improve mobility and strength, and many more.  Each of these customers fit a profile in which health, happiness, and fitness are their primary concerns.

Raw Workouts provides a more personalized approach to fitness than a faceless corporation can, with a sense of individuality and security for each client.  Our podcasts and live training sessions allow for a tough workout with focus on alignment and posture to provide maximum benefit during AND after each workout.  Rather then having a separate clinic for rehab, chiropractic adjustments, restorative exercise, massage therapy, dietary counseling and more, Raw Workouts contains each of these important elements within each client’s workout based on his or her personal goals.

The mission of Raw Workouts is to design a fitness lifestyle for those interested in making a positive change in regards to their health.  The purpose of Raw Workouts is to offer services at an affordable rate so that ALL our clients can feel healthier and happier throughout their entire lives, not just within the confines of certain fads or fitness crazes.

Here’s what others are saying:

I’m 50 and am in better shape than I was in high school. I’ve lost 12 inches off my waist in the last 18 months and feel great about the clothes I can wear! Thanks to Verity’s help, I have been able to stop and remain off blood pressure medication that I had been taking for years. The day I was able to flush those pills down the drain, it brought tears of joy to my eyes – along with hope and relief not to need that medicine any more.

– Todd
Ventura, CA
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