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RAW Workouts Membership

Become a RAW member for $15.00 a month and receive the following perks:

-Workout tip of the week:  Video instruction on proper execution and form of every exercise you can imagine.  Sure, you can read about it in Oxygen, and Shape magazine, but seeing it with your own eyes is where true learning begins.  Videos also include WHY each exercise should be performed, and when, if ever, each exercise should be avoided.

-Workout song of the week:  We’ve all had that moment where we’re about to lift something heavier than we’ve ever lifted before, or run faster than we’ve ever run before, but we’re stuck clicking through every single one of our overplayed songs on our workout mix.  RAW memberships include weekly suggestions and samples of new, old, fun, angry, inspiring music to push you into that place in your mind where you are invincible.

-Recipe of the week:  Dieting is the most important aspect of nearly every fitness regimen, and can also be one of the most challenging.  Sometimes, from a nutritional standpoint, what we know works begins to fail due to boredom, and tasteless food, day after day.  What if chicken and broccoli for dinner actually sounded appetizing?  What if you could have a protein shake that didn’t taste like chalk?  What if being “on diet” didn’t make you want to quit instantly?  RAW memberships include weekly recipes and tips on dieting so we can actually enjoy the time we spend eating.

Starter Package


RAW Memberships include…

  • Workout tip of the week
  • Workout song of the week
  • Recipe of the week