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What People Are Saying…

“If you want one of the best trainers ever Verity is the one to call!  Verity is not only knowledgeable about training and nutrition, she also truly cares about all of her clients!  Attending Verity’s bootcamp is not only a challenge but fun at the same time! Verity knows how to push you to limits that you didn’t know you had! Verity is such a great person who cares about the success you are looking for. I will continue working with Verity and look forward to a great “2012”. Thanks for all the inspiration and help!”

-Media L.

“If you are looking to drop the weight and do it correctly this is where you need to go. No diet scams, pills, or gimmicks. Straight up, eating healthy, losing weight, and toning up.  I have lost 43+ pounds by learning how to eat right and workout correctly.  I never could have done this without Verity.  If you are willing to work hard and change your life style to live a longer healthier life this is where you need to be!”

-Vicky T.

“When I started training with Verity, I walked in, pinched my stomach and my sides, and said, ‘I want this gone.  I want to lose weight’.  In fact, I told her I wanted to look like her.  She looked at my tiny frame, called me crazy, told me to stop pinching my skin, and immediately a friendship was born.  I started training a few days a week, not to lose weight, but to improve my muscular strength and to have some visible muscle tone.  Verity has been a huge inspiration for me.  She got me to where I wanted to be, and helped me look in the mirror and see what other people see (a 5’7” 130 pound woman) vs what I see (a 5’7 300 pound woman). 
She sends out weekly inspiration via email and/or Facebook, which I’ve always appreciated, probably more than she’ll ever know. 
In the gym, as my trainer, she always made working out fun.  I always looked forward to my sessions, and when my time was up, I’d always want just a little more torture. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about her workout plans, and can assist you with that, or refer you to a fantastic dietician.  She is the most humble woman with a heart of gold who truly cares about her clients. I’ve never met another trainer like her, and once you work out with her, you’ll never turn back.”

-Brittany R.

“Verity is an amazing trainer.  She is very knowledgeable in weight training and cardio and gives 100% of herself to her clients.  She makes you believe in yourself, that you can do it when you feel like you can’t, and ultimately help you to believe that you can!  She will give you everything you need to reach your goals and offers so much more outside the gym atmosphere.  She is kind and nurturing with a no-nonsense personality…YOU have to want it!  She ROCKS!”

-Dusti P.

“Over the years, Verity has remained a consistent sense of inspiration!  She is the very BEST at what she does.  She has modeled her life and her business around being real, and producing real results.  She is professional, impressively knowledgeable, and extremely motivational.  She will push you when you need to be pushed, but is never overbearing or unrealistic.  She is ridiculously positive, and will get you to feel good about yourself, no matter how hard or slow the process of “getting back in shape” seems.  Not only is she a terrific trainer, she’s a massage therapist, and a life coach!  She works closely with a nutritionist too who can construct a personalized diet for you to ensure you get your optimum results. She is amazing!”

-Lara L.

“I started training with Verity a few years ago.  Her professionalism, and realistic approach to health and fitness immediately eliminated any nerves or self-consciousness that I felt.  Together we set fitness and strength goals that evolved and morphed from simple “improve fitness and cross training” to setting my goals to running and completing 1/2 marathons.  Verity is the real deal.  She practices what she preaches and her weekly inspirational messages really help to keep me motivated and inspired.”

-Jenny M.

“Verity is an amazing trainer.  She is very knowledgeable and knows how to make you sweat!  She does a fantastic job of changing up her workouts to keep it exciting and knows exactly what to do to reach each muscle in your body.  She pushes you to try your best.  I have noticed a difference in my body since working with her.  If you are looking for a sweet, yet tough, trainer who knows how to work your booty off she is the one to go to!”

-Rachelle C.

“Raw Workouts’, owner and founder, Verity, is an amazing trainer that has offered me a wide array of training services.  I have employed Verity as a personal trainer, taken her boot camp style training classes, taken class hikes with her, and primarily used her for nutritional/work-out consulting advice.  In every aspect of Verity’s business, she knows what is best for her clients and has proven to me her in-depth understanding and knowledge of the human body and muscle.  From her knowledge and love of training/life transformation, Verity will customize your workout to meet your every need.  Whatever your goal, if you are committed, Verity will help you accomplish it without any gimmicky ‘tricks.’

As a testament to her training advice (I currently live in NY and obtain workout/nutritional advice via email from Verity) I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months and feel amazing!  Thanks Verity for all that you do for your clients.  Loosing weight does more than make us LOOK good, it gives us confidence in every part of our lives!”

-Alex B.

“Raw Workouts and Verity are one of the best things that ever happened to me. Almost four years ago I began training with Verity and it has changed my life.  Her constant faith in me and her excellent training program designed for me has encouraged and motivated me to stick to a workout program and stay fit for the past several years.  In the past I always exercised, but very inconsistently and with what ever was the current trend; aerobics, cycling, kick boxing etc.  What Raw Workouts has taught me; there is no substitution for good, old fashioned, regular, and consistent exercise.  A consistent cardio and weight lifting program, along with a healthy diet will get you to your fitness goals.  I have changed my eating habits, created an exercise plan that works for me, and have become more fit at 45 than ever before in my life.  Her daily tips and advice keep me coming back for more!  You will not be disappointed and you’ll be so happy you did it! Call Verity with Raw Workouts today and find the real you!”

-Krista D.

“I started training with Verity a few months ago and so far I have been very pleased.  Verity is not only very professional but knowledgeable as well.  She takes her business as a personal trainer seriously.  She, not only customizes each workout per clients body type and personal needs, but she also provides useful workout and eating tips on her website.  After recovering from back surgery this year training with Verity has allowed me to resume my life style in a pain free manner.  I am very grateful.”

-Beatrice N.

“Verity is an amazing trainer who is truly dedicated to her clients.  She has helped me improve my posture, lower my blood pressure, trim my waistline and inspired me to start running at the age of 59.  The other day someone asked me if I’d always been thin!  If you are looking for a personal trainer who sees you as a human being instead of a bunch of muscle groups, you are in the right place.”

-Rosemary W.

“Making the time I spend in the gym count (I mean, really count) is all because of Verity! She is on top of her game and is such a great trainer, motivator, and leader, all while keeping you engaged with her insight, wit, and hilarious sense of humor.  I’m glad to be working her, you will be too!”

-Pam B.

“I met Verity at the gym, and trained with her for a short time.  I proudly went on the first ever (I think..!) “boot camp”, I mean, torture session (ouch).  I enjoyed the hike, the toning segment, the jokes, the companionship with her and the other people in the group, and had an overall great workout. If you commit to training with Raw Workouts, have a proper diet and regularly exercise, you will get results. I remember a certain man in the hiking group who worked very hard that day (and I’m sure EVERY day)…and to see him now, he is like a shell of his former self.  I mean Wow!  What a difference!  Absolutely amazing!”

-Jeannette G.

“Raw Workouts is run by one of the most amazing personal trainers, Verity Somers.  She is very personable and makes training fun!  She will kick your butt into shape but at your own level.  I started training with Verity about a year and a half ago to lose weight for my wedding.  I lost 40 pounds… Now I am back to training with Verity after having my first baby.  She is an amazing person and friend.  I look forward to my training sessions with her every week and just to see her every week! She truly cares about all of her clients and what they want to gain out of personal training.”

-Amanda G.

“Verity is a great inspiration to many people, myself included, and is the
best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with.  She is very easy-going and makes training fun which doesn’t mean that she doesn’t push you, it just means she always
accentuates the positive.  She has changed my mind-set from thinking of
training as something I force myself to do, and dread, to something I 
look forward to doing several times a week.  She is an amazing friend and trainer.”

-Deseree R.

“Verity amazes me everyday at how dedicated she is with everything she does including training.  She is able to push you harder then what you think is possible and she does it in such a polite way it’s hard to say no.

 Verity has a wide range of variety in her training sessions, which I thoroughly enjoy.  One minute I’m on a TRX band, the next I’m doing lunges and push-ups down the gym.  She never ceases to amaze me.  She also has fun but challenging weekend boot camps.  Anything from hiking to running stadiums (my personal favorite) and she throws dodge-ball in there for a reward at the end. 

I think one of Verity’s best qualities as a trainer is that she listens to her clients.  She knows exactly what they are looking for in a workout and she tailors workouts to their needs.

 Everyone I have ever talked to enjoys working out with Verity.  She really cares about her clients and is very easy to talk to during your sessions.  Even when I don’t want to go workout I do because I don’t want to let her down.  She is a very motivating and inspirational trainer.  To sum it up: Verity is the Best!”

-Branlin S.

“I met Verity while taking one of her fitness classes, and not only is she a Fitness Goddess, I can honestly say she is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.  Whether you’ve never put on tennis shoes in your life, or are a marathon runner, she knows how to take you to the next level, without making you feel intimidated or wasting your time.  You’ll be The Biggest Loser, without being a big loser! Verity has the gift of making every person feel like the most important person in the world, and her clients are no exception!”

-Janet S.

“Verity is the BEST at what she does.  I started with her three years ago and lost 50 pounds, and have kept it off.  Verity really listened to what I needed and molded my program to my individual needs.  I’m 43 years old and in the best shape I have ever been. I could not have done this without the help of Verity.

 Thanks Verity!”

-Angela R.

“Verity is a tremendous trainer who can help you reach your goals.  Since I have started training with Verity I have lost 143 pounds and 15 inches off my waist.  Working with Verity has also helped me from struggling to walk on a treadmill for ten minutes on my first day training with her to running and finishing half marathon.  Verity will help you improve your workout, eating habits, and quality of living.

 Train with Verity.  You will end up loving the results.”

-Carlos S.


I recently moved away from the Ventura area but I can honestly say the one thing I miss the most is working out with Verity!

 Unlike the majority of other trainers out there Verity actually knows what she is talking about when she is training you!  She is not just wasting your time and money having you do useless workouts that will not help you achieve the results you want. 
Verity is also different from other trainers in that she actually cares about each and every one of her clients. If you are ready to put in the work and effort, Verity will be there to work with you and support you each and every step of the way.

 I wish I had appreciated her when I had the opportunity to train with her because she is truly a great trainer and an amazing person!”

-Chelsea Z.

“Verity is great at what she does and if you are looking for people who can help take you from where you are to where you want to be, go to Verity and Raw Workouts.  I’ve lost and kept off 75 pounds, I’m wearing sizes I couldn’t fit into in high school, and I was able to transition off blood pressure medicine working in conjunction with my doctor.

This is the result of a combination of training, nutrition and sustained commitment that I couldn’t have pieced together without Verity helping me along the way, customizing things for me, and believing I could do it even during the times when I wasn’t so sure.

 My story is not an exception, either – Verity makes a difference in all of her clients’ lives. I recommend Raw Workouts and Verity without hesitation!”

-Todd G.<