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5 Things to do While Brushing Your Teeth

1)  Stand on one foot. Good. Now the other. Good, now do it with the opposite knee slightly bent. Now the other. Understand the difference between standing with a bent knee and allowing your muscle to do the work and standing with a locked knee and allowing your joint to do the work. Joints ARE NOT meant to carry weight. They are meant to bend so that we can move in all directions. Muscles are meant to carry loads. Now close your eyes. Before you smash into your vanity, think about the standing leg stabilizing your entire body. Put one finger gently on the edge of the sink. Gradually begin to move your finger away and balance by yourself. Very good. If you found that the act of brushing your teeth has stopped and you are now drooling all over yourself, well, that’s an indicator that balance is an issue for you and takes quite a bit of your brain to do it. I always have clients tell me, “I have terrible balance”… Well what are you doing about it? If you had terrible vision, you’d probably get glasses, right? Balance suddenly abandoned you? I don’t think so. Let’s get it back, shall we. Begin again. Stand on one foot. Good…

2)  Stand with one of your shoulders directly facing your mirror, your body at a ninety degree angle to the sink. Take a look at where your head sits relative to your shoulders. If it juts waaaaaay forward it is a tell-tale sign you spend waaaaaay too much time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitterpated, and what-not on your computer. You’re probably doing it right now as you read this! Get that thing back where it belongs, right over your shoulders! Furthermore, where are your shoulders? Slouched way down, following the general direction of your head? Pull those things back. I will “mom” you to death on this one. Posture will ruin or save your life. This is one thing I will never let-up on. If you have a full-length mirror, continue the imaginary vertical line down to your hips. Are they pulled forward? In other words… Are you noticing your ass grow flatter and flatter each year. How could this be? Phantom ass-flattening fairies come and work their magic each night? NO! Your posture is crap! Head back, shoulders back, ass out, and finally the knees and ankles should complete this vertical line. See…

3)  Take DEEP BREATHS in and out. Lock the door. Tell your kids you need ten minutes. As you brush your teeth, (which you’d be doing anyway, I hope) breath in and out. Let your lungs completely fill up then slowly exhale. Who cares if you spit toothpaste all over the place in the process. If this is the only way I can get you to do this… just do it. Regain a sense of awareness within your body. As the day goes on, we become machine-like. We lose our awareness with our bodies and go into survival mode. “Get it done at any cost” becomes our subconscious motto, and let me tell you, expense #1 will always be your health. Be-it lack of sleep, headaches, crankiness, poor diets due to long hours at work… Our bodies are first to be sacrificed. That’s bull shit. Regain control of YOUR BODY. Breath. Breath. Breath. Spit. Mouthwash. Spit. Floss if you’re a goody too-shoo. Now go about your life.

4)  Think about everything in your life that you want to improve. Think about it as a friendly reminder to yourself. If you think this is cheesy, well you’re either totally, 100% awesome and don’t need any improvement (aka you’re Santa Clause or something, in which case, “Hi, I’ve been really good this year :)”) or you totally suck and you know you need to do this but refuse to do it because you want the world to believe you’re awesome when you’re not. Give it up. We all need improvement. Don’t go nuts thinking about it. Just think about it and move on to #5.

5)  Think about everything that is going well for you right in that moment. Even if its, “I am not out of toothpaste like I thought! Woohoo!”. Think about your health, your family, the weather, the ladybug that you saw while walking to your car… whatever. Find SOMETHING to be happy about and allow yourself to BE HAPPY. I think we spend far too much time in dark places. Shed some light on your life.

Yours in health, happiness, and at least 120 seconds of teeth brushing as recommended by the American Dental Association,

Verity Somers

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