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A Tribute to the Moms…

This is a dedication to you, the mothers of the world. Thank you for deciding you’d put up with nine months of nausea, and back pain, and a growing, writhing, kicking fetus, soon to become US, your kids. HI!!! Thanks for wiping our noses when we had boogers. Thanks for wiping our mouths when we had slobbered. Thanks for wiping our butts when we… well… thanks for wiping our butts. Thanks for wiping away our tears when we were bumped, pinched, bruised, broken. Thank you for feeding us, clothing us, driving us around, paying for school, camps, and lessons of all kinds. Thank you for buying us that one very special thing we wanted so so so bad even though you couldn’t really afford it. Thanks for pretending like we were the most awesome kids on the planet when we first learned how to ride a bike, jump rope, swim, swing a baseball bat (even if we missed the ball everytime). Thanks for waking up when we crawled into your bed after having a bad dream. Thanks for tucking us in at night and protecting us from the creatures we were CERTAIN lived in our closets and underneath our beds. Thank you for loving us with all your hearts, even though were sometimes bad, and maybe didn’t deserve it. Thanks for putting us above your own happiness time and time and time again. Thank you for teaching us right from wrong and for continuing to be the voice we hear that says, “Bad idea, kiddo”, or, “YES, go for it, champ!”. Thank you for being the face we look for first in the crowd after we win a race, get an award, graduate, get promoted, or accomplish anything worthy of praise. Thank you for the BIG things, like teaching us how to be moms of our own. Thank you for the little things, like leaving notes in our lunches. Thank you for TODAY… because if it weren’t for you… we wouldn’t be here… and we would’t be awesome 🙂

Yours in health, happiness, and giving it up to the hardest working people in the world; the moms,

Verity Somers

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