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Accepting Life’s Crappiness

I’m not sure when it begins, this denial that life, at times, gets hard. Maybe its when we first leave home and we don’t have our parents reminding us what to do, how to do it, why we should do it, what it means for us, etc. As soon as we’re able to make our own decisions it becomes exceptionally hard to choose the “road less travelled”… the choices we know will mean hard work… the option to be good and honest and better than we were the day before. Why? Well, because sitting on a couch, eating an entire box of Cheez-Its seems pretty darn appealing especially when we realize no one is around to judge, scold, disapprove, tsk tsk us, or otherwise. Well, the start of the Cheez-It, Sponge Bob Square Pants marathon usually marks the start of our own demise. So, what changes us? What lights a fire under us? What moves us towards being more than “normal”? Fear, loathing, the fast-appraoching “rock bottom”?

It is acceptance. When we accept that those things worth having are almost always out of reach… when we know a challenge is in front of us and we move forward anyway… when we breath normally through adveristy… that’s when we change.

Woman don’t get pregnant, denying the fact that they may, at one point or another during their pregnacy, experience pain. Athletes don’t play for teams not expecting to be sore, tired, tackeled, sweaty, hungry, angry, etc. Students don’t enroll in college thinking they’ll breeze right by, getting straight A’s, and land a six figure job immediately after graduation. Life is hard. It sucks, in fact, at times. We don’t typically improve without the “suck”. So as soon as we accept the challenges life brings… as soon as we are struck down, only to stand up taller, saying, “That’s it? Is that really all you’ve got?”… As soon as we can calmly swim against life’s currents, catch our breaths, and smile… that’s when we have succeeded.


Yours in health, happiness, and throwing life punches,

Verity Somers

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