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Ahem… You’re Slouching

Let’s talk about your “core”… If you were to take a fish out of water, remove it’s fins and throw it back in the ocean, what would it do? When I took posture and biomechanics classes with Michael Luan at UCSB we all answered “sink”, “die”, “be really pissed off”… when the answer is actually, “It would swim away”. A fish propels itself with its core. It only uses its fins for movement left to right. The same biomechanics can be seen in humans. When a martial artist breaks a block of bricks with one powerful chopping movement, its not arm strength or hand strength that does the breaking, its energy transferred from the athlete’s core, through his arm, to the bricks.


When you are engaged in a bicep curl with dumbbells and your neck starts to ache, what is actually happening? Your biceps refuse to do all the work and the energy begins to transfer up into your neck. How to remedy this? Think hard about your biceps, and tighten your core. When you are on your tenth rep on the seated cable row and your traps begin to fatigue, what is happening? Your lats refuse to do their job and begin to give the work to your traps. What to do? Think hard about your lats and tighten your core.


When your kids are annoying the crap out of you and you begin to feel tension in your neck, what is happening? We feel any amount of high stress and our physiological reaction is to, literally, protect our very existence by tensing the muscles surrounding the most vulnerable portion of our spinal cord… our neck. This dates back to our homo sapien roots and the threat of being dinner for a saber tooth tiger. Our body’s response is the same (protect your life), but the stress has changed (pay the bills, love your children, don’t kill your husband, etc.).


Relax… think about the muscles that should be engaged… relax the muscles that should not be engaged… keep your core turned on always to support your perfect posture. Is that too hard for you? Too tiring? Then enjoy your back, neck, hip, knee, etc pain. If you cannot stand properly throughout your day, HOW do you expect to move properly, lift weights correctly, and manage your life adequately? You won’t. Correct it right now.


This weekend’s workouts will be postponed to Saturday, December 24th. Also, don’t forget to redeem your FREE training session by writing a review for Raw Workouts on Yelp.


Yours in health, happiness, and perfect posture! (Seriously, I don’t want to have to tell you again… You’re already slouching… What’s your deal?)

Verity Somers


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