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A Sorta Fairy Tale…

Let it be known that my favorite Disney movie of all time is Aladdin… hands down. Why? Talk about the ultimate underdog-becomes-champion story! Ok, so maybe it has to do with this bad-boy appeal many women fall for… or I’ve always been attracted to guys with pet monkeys… wait… no, that’s not it. Honestly, Jasmine is a little lame. I’m more for the girl-next-door thing that Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) has goin’ on, but that’s neither here nor there. Lets discuss fairy tales…

When we’re young, we believe this stuff is reality. Did I want a pet tiger? OF COURSE! Did I get one? No (still kinda bummed about that, mom). We believe that we will have our prince or princess and he or she will come to us on a magic carpet, or a brilliant white horse. Pumpkins turn into diamond chariots, and mermaids live way down at the bottom of the ocean with their lobster friends. This stuff is so real and so pure when we’re little. So life goes on and we don’t get fairy godmothers, or trips to Neverland. We grow up and stop believing. Have you ever seen a little kid at Disneyland for the first time? You know that expression they get on their face? That, I-am-so-excited-I-might-pee-myself expression. When was the last time you looked at something or someone like that? With pure happiness. We grow and we get hurt. We’re last to be picked, we’re first to be made fun of. We are awkward, and in the not-so-popular crowd in high school. We are dumped and ditched and betrayed………… but here’s the thing………… There is a reason to believe in fairy tales and its much more important than we may think.

When we’re kids we believe in fairy tales because we have absolutely no reason not to. As we grow, and learn, we begin to believe, not in the fairy tales per-se, but rather in fairy tale-like things. Why? Because if we can let our minds expand even into places we know are unreal, we can and will always thrive to reach those places. Its not crazy… its simply setting extremely high standards. Why would you want to aim low? If you can envision a life where you are completely, beautifully happy, you have already begun your journey there. See? If you can imagine a prince or princess for yourself, chances are you’ll get someone who comes pretty darn close. If you don’t believe in love and the simplest forms of magic, like watching a baby take it’s first steps, or competitive athletes breaking records, then you have no fire in your heart. You won’t have passion enough to propel you into the scariest place on earth… the place in your mind where you allow yourself to believe that NOTHING in the world will ever harm you. Only here can you dream up your best life. We protect ourselves from pain and discomfort and loss and sadness so much that we stop living.

Who ever said you’d come out of this unscathed? So go, collect your scars. Live, learn, fall down, get up, keep going, and always, always believe in your wildest dreams. Holler back, RSVP, and how is the half-marathon week day training going? Let me know!


Yours in health, happiness, and indescribable feeeeeelings, Verity Somers

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