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Calories (cal-o-rie) n. Demonic gremlins who live in your muffin top…

I’m gonna let you in on a fascinating secret.  One of the very best ways to lose weight is to start balancing your check book.  Here’s why.  A disciplined spender/saver doesn’t wake up one day, penniless, wondering what in the world could have happened to get him/her there.  Why?  Because he/she keeps track.  Spending a measly twenty five cents more than you have in your account every single day may seem like nothing, but the result is the same; you’re broke.  Similarly, consuming twenty five calories more than you burn off in a day will have you at a weight GAIN of three pounds per year.  Five years go by and there you are, standing in front of your trainer, saying that “out of nowhere” you’ve gained fifteen pounds.  These things don’t just happen.  There really is nothing magical or deeply profound about weight gain and/or loss.  If you have gained weight you have been in a caloric excess consistently throughout your life.  If you want to lose that weight you need to be CONSISTENTLY in a caloric deficit (just to clarify, “consistent” doesn’t mean every Monday… you’re still messing up six other days out of the week).  If it was a matter of NOT buying that cute purse you saw, or waiting a few months to purchase a new vehicle because you knew that investment would result in a serious financial hole for you, you wouldn’t do it, would you?  So, if you want to lose weight or STAY at the happy weight you are be aware of your caloric consumption.

“So, what, Verity, you want me to write down every single thing I eat every single day???”

Well yes, as a matter of fact, I do.  You don’t have to do it forever.  Do it for a week and see.  You may be shocked to find that your morning coffee is over 300 calories.  That little something here or there that you eat and think nothing about is actually really getting in the way of your weight loss goals.  How do you figure all of this stuff out???  For goodness sake… Its called the world wide web.  Its an amazing place full of information to help you.  Type in the words, “How many calories are in _______”.  In an age when your phone can listen to your voice, check the weather, call you a cab, schedule appointments, etc. you still find logging food and keeping track of caloric consumption too difficult?  Well, then the truth is that you don’t want to know.  You want to do whatever you want, and place blame on tiny, magical gremlins that creep into your closet every night and sew your clothes together tighter.  Stop lying to yourself.  Its rude.  Keep track.  Be diligent.  Be honest.  Practice self discipline.


Yours in health, happiness, and putting it on paper,

Verity Somers


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