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Dreamers… Prepare for Battle!

So, you set a goal to lose ten pounds… You pour your heart, mind, energy, time, and every ounce of will power into accomplishing this goal only to hear your friends say, “You’re too skinny”.

You train for months for the biggest, most challenging fitness competition of your life. You work harder in the gym than you have ever worked before. You endure the most strict diet you have ever followed… Only to hear your friends say, “You’re too muscular”.

You run a half marathon for the first time in your life and when you tell your friends about crossing that finish line they tell you, in detail, how they read something somewhere about how running is SO bad for you. In fact, they’re sure it causes cancer.

No matter the goal… HUGE or itty bitty… there will always be people in your life who will try to squoosh it. The only un-squooshable dream is the one that you protect… The dream that lives inside you that wakes you up each morning and sets your heart and mind on fire… The dream that is resilient to “can’t” and “don’t” and “never” and “no”… The dream that propels you forward, brave, and fearless… This is your dream, no one else’s. Do not allow others to selfishly claim ownership of your goals. DO NOT allow your dreams to be damaged or dirtied or placed further away from your grasp by anyone. Dream BIG, and fight hard. Only then will you see how weak the rest of the world really is.


Yours in health, happiness, dreaming, battling, conquering, etc…

Verity Somers

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