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Drive \drīv\ v.

To be moved to action

To impart a forward motion

To frighten into moving in a desired direction

To direct the motions and course of

To exert inescapable or coercive pressure on

To urge relentlessly to continuous exertion

To move quickly and forcefully down or along

A force that wakes you up

A constant burning in your mind

The reason why winners win

The ONLY necessary component for success

As if to be haunted by ones goals

To never stop

To eliminate obstacles

To stop making excuses

To desire something passionately

To stop at nothing

The action of instilling fear in ones opponent

A fire blazing in ones soul

To never give up

To determine/change/oppose ones fate

To ignore all opposition

To be fearless

To be passionate

To be determined

To be brave

To be motivated

To shut ones mouth and do work


Being a goal setter is one thing.

Being DRIVEN to achieve those goals is everything.


Yours in health, happiness, and movement above and beyond,

Verity Somers

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