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Earth! Wind! Fire!.. Protein!

Within each of your body’s lives a team of super heroes. Consider Captain Planet, except this is Captain Body… geez that sounds way more lame than I thought it would… lets break it down…

Your super hero team is made up of Power Protein, Commando Carb, Fantastic Fat (still lame sounding? Dammit. If you saw what this looked like in my head you’d be so impressed)… Anyway, these heroes are just waiting to storm the metaphorical fat castle to burn it down while increasing your metabolism, regulating your hay-wired hormones, controlling your crazy mood wings (yeah, you’re moody… I’m not afraid to say it… via the internet… where you can’t hurt me)…

However, I’d venture to guess that 95% of the world is trying to storm said castle with their super heroes running on half a tank of gas, and that’s if they show up at all!

Commando Carb and Fantastic Fat arrive with swords wielded then look around, bewildered,

“Where the hell is Power Protein???”

“Seriously, he didn’t show up again???”

[Commando Carb getting on his super hero cell…]

“Uh, hello? Power P, what’s crackin’? So, you gonna show up to this castle storming operation or what?”

“Nah, I’m gonna take a sick day. You guys can handle it on your own, right?”

Well, the answer is no, they can’t.

Let’s break away from the metaphor for a sec. The right proteins, carbs, and fat sources pair together in this amazing, synchronized, harmony so that fat storage simply cannot happen. Its a perfect trifecta. Without one part of this three-part system, you have nothing. Its the same as weight training, cardiovascular training, and dietary training. Improving and working on these three elements create the best route toward overall improved health and physical fitness.

Ok, back to the metaphor… Power Protein, Commando Carb, and Fantastic Fat are ALL at home playing World of Warcraft… NONE of them show up for game-time (aka YOU DON’T EAT)… You just lost that battle. Nothing happens. You’re tired. Your body shuts down. Tumbleweed starts rolling by. Get the picture?

Feed your body, storm the castle, be a super hero. You have it in you, so what’s your deal? Get to it.


Yours in health, happiness, and Batman and Superman having nothing on you!

Verity Somers

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