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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

It seems, more and more, that the truth about health and fitness becomes completely lost in the media. Too much cardio makes all your muscles fall off. Too much weight training turns you into a gigantic monster. Too much protein makes your kidneys fall out of your body. The best workout on the planet is Cross Fit… no, Insanity… no, P90X… no, don’t exercise at all… Sweat actually causes pre-mature aging.

To be an advocate of health, and truth (a paradox, it seems) becomes… well… frustrating. I say 2+2 is four and all of a sudden there’s all these “studies” and “evidence” and “proof” from WebMD and Dr. Oz that show 2+2 is, in fact, 5. I say, “Ice your inflamed knee”, and you say, “Ice causes cancer”. I say, “15 reps”, you say, “Go to hell!”. Ok… That’s fine. Why should you believe me over anyone else? Why should I be so positive that 2+2 really is 4? By all means, question everything. However, stopping there doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Find the answers. Here’s how… three weeks. If you are convinced that icing injuries does absolutely nothing, try it for three weeks and let me know how you feel. If you are certain that you cannot lose weight, diet HARD for three weeks and let me know what happens. You found the best protein powder of all time? Use it for three weeks, and share your results.

We are living, breathing, growing, changing organisms. Each and every second we evolve. Why in the world would doing one thing one time effect us? Its ok if you never believe anything I say… But I’m gonna need proof as to why. Keep me posted.


Yours in health, happiness, and 21 days,

Verity Somers


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