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Healthy reminders for those of you who enjoy being alive and would like to stay that way…

1) Drink water: If you are not consuming water as you read this sentence, you’re dehydrated. If you answer yes to any of the following questions… You’re dehydrated.

a. I drink coffee (and by “drink” I mean “glug glug glug glug all day long”)

b. I drink alcohol/soda/combination of the two (jack and coke anyone?)

c. I am alive

“A hydrated muscle is a healthy muscle. A dehydrated muscle is a TORN muscle” -Brad, WAR Nutrition. Go pour yourself a glass right now.

2) Go outside: For those of you going from work, to the gym, back to work, to running your daily errands, then home… I suggest a daily dose of fresh air. This doesn’t mean rolling your windows down on your drive home, or downloading “Sounds of the Rain Forest” on your iPad. Step outside (without your phone, or iPod). If you haven’t noticed we sort of live in a GORGEOUS place, you should check it out.

3) Do the research: Before you diagnose yourself with the swine flew after sneezing three times instead of your normal one time, consider the facts. Do not fall victim to sales gimmicks. If you believe people when they say that “gullible was taken out of the dictionary” you, in fact, are gullible. Be careful. Do not believe everything you see or hear or read.

4) Consider food as fuel: Satisfy your need for “emotional eating” by investing in… oh, say… a teddy bear. Eat food that supports your body’s need to sleep, wake up, work out, become strong, lose weight, etc. Don’t eat because you just watched The Notebook and are feeling vulnerable.

5) Sleep: Recharge your battery. You’d never drive your car on an empty tank. You couldn’t. At the end of the day, when the needle drops to “E”, sleep is what refuels your body. What time do you need to wake up? Backtrack eight hours. That is your new bedtime. If that puts you at nine pm, so be it. Your kids can tuck themselves in, right? In fact, isn’t it your bedtime now?

6) Set reasonable goals: Losing 20 pounds before your trip to the Bahamas in 5 days may result in disappointment… just a guess. I am a huge advocate of lofty goals and have seen amazing feats of strength, will power, devotion, etc., resulting in absolutely amazing accomplishments. So, set your sky-high goals and understand the work required to accomplish those goals and when you recognize that it won’t be easy… KEEP GOING.

7) Be confident in who you are and what you do: “Sweat is sexy” is a phrase made up to get people to understand that pushing hard in the gym is a good thing. Sweat doesn’t have to be viewed as sexy. What’s sexy is you going to the gym and doing what you need to do to accomplish your goals without giving a ____ about what other people see or say.

8) Start right now: If you’re waiting for all your “ducks to be in a row” you’ll be waiting forever. Have you ever seen ducks all in a row? There’s always the rebellious one, hanging out by himself, making the row all crooked, quacking profanities. Take action right now.

9) Say “NO”: Its OK to make time for yourself. Its OK to request that your children and spouse respect your goals and help you accomplish them. Its not OK to become overwhelmed with work, never communicate this to anyone, take on five jillion responsibilities a day, then have a nervous breakdown and blow up on your unsuspecting family. Yelling is loud and scary and rarely results in problems being solved. Put the kitchen knife down, and rationally communicate.

10) You are in complete control. You are in complete control. “I am in complete control”. Repeat this to yourself, daily.


Yours in health, happiness, and a life well-worth living,

Verity Somers

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