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Here’s to the Future…

A few suggestions for a successful 2012… Please don’t scan… READ SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY…


1.)  Surround yourself with great people.

2.)  Choose a career you LOVE and never forget the passion you have for it.

3.)  Go above and beyond what is expected of you, happily… and never for a reward.

4.)  Be positive… don’t fake it.

5.)  Forgive people for their mistakes, and always sincerely apologize for your own.

6.)  Give to others what you would want to receive, and ALWAYS make eye contact when you say “thank you”.

7.)  NEVER give up.

8.)  Save money, no matter how much you make.

9.)  ALWAYS improve, not just to say you are, but to truly aim for becoming the best.

10.)  NEVER settle for mediocrity.

11.)  Do not lie… ever.

12.)  Be awesome, modestly… Be outstanding, humbly… Tooting your own horn will NEVER be more than obnoxious noise.

13.)  Do not ummm… eeee… oooo… Make decisions.

14.)  When someone is speaking, shut your mouth… There is always knowledge to be gained.

15.)  Be a teacher, not through condescension, but through good example.

16.)  Do not rely on people or things to propel you forward… Make a move.

17.)  Be proud or embarrassed of your actions but do not place blame on others for things you have done.

……….and lastly……….

18.)  Be brave


Happy New Year from Raw Workouts,

Verity Somers


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