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Hypochondriasis caused by WebMD

In 1984 a nation-wide study was done which found 84% of all statistics to be 100% false. I know this to be true based on the fact that I just made that up. Next time you’re surfing the interent, researching why you’re having such a difficult time losing weight, or gaining muscle be sure to take note of where this research is coming from. Before you burst through the doors of Mavericks and explain to me that “according to WebMD” you have a “hyper” and/or “hypo” thyroid condition which needs immediate treatment at a specialized clinic in LA… Be sure that WebMD is not contracted with that very clinic! If you spend enough time online, I’m sure you’ll discover that you have cancer, sudden-blindness syndrome, lactose intolerance, and are sure to die in approximately eight minutes. Be smart. Ask the right questions. Consider the facts. Live a healthy, and happy life… and, for goodness sake… spend a little less time online!

Yours in health, happiness, and facts, not fiction,

Verity Somers

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