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Here’s To Your Health…

Here is a bit of information that may… or may not… be extremely useful…

There is NO ab exercise on the planet that will help you lose “belly fat”.  Your abdominal muscles are  already strong.  You use them ALL DAY.  The reason why you cannot SEE a six pack when you lift up your shirt is DIRECTLY RELATED to what you have consumed and the calories you HAVE NOT burned in a days time… a weeks time… a month… a year.  If you have fat on your body that you do not want you must first acknowledge the fact that it is there simply because you ate it.

If you make ten dollars a day and spend ten dollars AND ten cents a day… well congratulations, you are now broke.  Ten cents seems so insignificant doesn’t it?  One fat free latte seems like a healthy choice right?  Well, the thing is, healthy or not healthy, if that latte puts you over your daily caloric intake for weight loss… you will, in fact, GAIN WEIGHT.

Have you ever spent a day logging the food you consume?  Has it surprised you?  Those calories add up and keep you from your weight loss goals and that illusive six pack we loooong for.

So when you ask about ab exercises I think what you may actually be saying is, “Look Verity… I really don’t want to diet… because, here’s the thing… I LOVE FOOD… I love happy hour with my friends, and BBQ while watching football, and making cookies with my kids, etc, etc, etc… so what I’d like to know is what can I do to get a six pack andNOT deprive myself of delicious treats in my happy belly……”

Maybe this will explain why my job is so difficult… Because then I have to look you in those puppy-dog, I-just-want-a-cupcake eyes and say, “NO!”  Lets say you must consume only 1200 calories a day to lose weight.  Well… what does that equate to?  3 cupcakes?  I would NEVER in my right mind suggest you maintain your cupcake diet, consume only three cupcakes, don’t eat ANYTHING else the remainder of the day, and VUALAH!  You are now a cupcaking-eating, no energy, keeled over in bed, hating your life SKINNY person.  WHAT!?  

If cupcakes AND weight loss are both extremely important to you, well perhaps a therapist is who you seek.  I am your trainer and as it turns out I’m a HUGE fan of your health.  I just wonder sometimes if YOU are a huge fan of your health too… Hmmm…  Give that some thought because its kinda a big deal…

This weekends boot camps will resume October 8th and 9th.  If you are keeping up with the Santa Barbara Half Marathon training, this Saturday is our 8 mile training day!  If you have not even begun to train or you feel you may be behind, its ok!  Contact me for support on how to get on track 6 weeks out.  Also, if ever you have questions about boot camps (how strenuous, how long, working around injuries, etc) please ask.  I appreciate your feedback!

Yours in health, happiness, and a round of applause for your health,

Verity Somers

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