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Icing on the cake, so to speak…

Why is it that so many of us are willing to live life in some amount of discomfort all the time? Since when did acute pain turn into chronic pain which is now, “Oh, I just live with it” pain. So often, when I hear about injuries, and I ask what is being done to treat said injury, the response tends to be a lot of jibber jabber about, “Well I sat down for a bit, and that didn’t help, so I just said forget it!”. Wait a minute. You sat down? That was your treatment?!

I’d venture to guess that 85% of bodily pain is caused by overuse, resulting in inflammation. Every step we take we must mobilize our knee joint, hip joint, even up through our shoulder girdle. That’s a whole lot of activity each and every time we walk.

Inflammation is not a hard word to dissect. It means the area is ON FIRE! Well, let’s see, how could this be remedied??? ICE, perhaps?

Here’s the reaction I typically get when I suggest icing an inflamed injury… “ICE!? But that’s SO COLD!”

“Yeah, and a carrot is a vegetable, and 2+2 is 4, and cats meow… Now are we done stating the obvious???”

Ice is cold. Correct. That’s the point. You certainly wouldn’t put out a fire with a flame thrower would you?

The second HUGE obstacle I hear regarding ice is that, apparently, no human on the planet sits down for longer than ten minutes at a time and therefore absolutely, positively, cannot be bothered to spend fifteen minutes with ice resting somewhere on their body. At this point, it just becomes a matter of importance. If your child was trapped on the tenth floor of a burning building, something tells me you’d be breaking Olympic sprinting records to retrieve your offspring. I doubt you’d be looking up from the street thinking, “Damn child. Really?! Tenth floor? Well… looks like the fire department has this handled. I think I’ll just mosey on home”. Ironically, your heroic sprint to your child’s rescue certainly would be difficult with bursitis in your knee that could have been alleviated by ICING that injury as you were instructed to do in the first place.

And we have come full circle…

Your best anti-inflammatory drug: ICE.


Yours in health, happiness, and preventive measures,

Verity Somers

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