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Lacking Motivation…

Lets get to the bottom of the “lack of motivation” situation, before we all go out and buy Vibram Five Finger shoes. Why we get into slumps or what causes them is somewhat irrelevant due to the fact that we are human and they, undoubtedly, will happen at some point. How to handle them is the main thing to tackle here.

Step 1 in regaining motivation) Lets start with the fact that the people or things that cause our train to derail should NOT have that much power over us. We have every reason to view ourselves as THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE on the planet. No? We shouldn’t? Why not?

Step 2 in regaining motivation) “Get the f*&k out of my way, I’m taking over the world”. That should be what runs through your head when you’re set on accomplishing your goals, big or small. Things that stand in your way often serve as great lessons. People who stand in your way are villains. You’re the hero in this story. Its YOUR story, isn’t it? So get out there and kick the villains ass. That’s what heroes do.

Step 3 in regaining motivation) The reason its so important to understand WHY you are no longer motivated is because NO workout routine, or diet, or fitness strategy really matters until you CARE to do it. Caring about the results IS NOT the same as caring about the “doing it” part. So if you really want to change your body but you really don’t like working out or gyms or any of that… well… welcome to life (hahaha): A huge list of things we should do but really really really don’t want to do. Food addicts who have surgeries to shrink their stomachs WILL STILL BE FOOD ADDICTS. People who fundamentally HATE running will not be cured of that by buying expensive running shoes. People who purchase every gimmicky fat loss pump, press, pill, or whatever are not willing to open their minds to what fitness is truly all about: Attitude. So now it becomes a matter of what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. If your specific goals are to have more muscle than you currently have, you’re probably going to need to move, lift, push, pull heavy things. Sorry to burst your mis-informed bubble.

Step 4 in regaining motivation) A few really great tactics on how to do the work (even if you hate it… at first): Start fresh. Plan on working out one or two times (I’m talking the most basic workout). Put it on your schedule. Write it down as a priority right under wake up, and brush your teeth… Meaning: make it part of the routine. Congratulate yourself for doing it, rather than being disappointed in yourself because you didn’t go to the gym 8 days last week (which is impossible, by the way!). Slowly transition to three times a week, or four.

Step 5 in regaining motivation) DO NOT even allow yourself to think you can back out of it. Not an option. You know, in your head, when you do that “Crap, I still have to go to the gym today……… but………” NO!!! Stop yourself right there! There is no “but”, or any other word in the world that would serve as a “backing out of the gym” justification. When you have it on your schedule, get there. Soon, you’ll find its become a habit. Results slowly begin to appear. Vwah la… Motivation has made a come-back. Kicking ass at life can carry on as planned.

Yours in health, happiness, and getting your “awesome” back,

-Verity Somers

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