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Double Helix… Pshhh!

Blue eyes

Brown hair





These things… they are in our DNA…

Now… I’m no genealogist… but I have to clear something up that I KNOW to be true.  When you see a person in phenomenal shape and you say, “They have great genetics”… Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?  When your alarm goes offEVERY morning at 5 am and the first thing you do is put on your running shoes and hit the pavement… NONE of that is written in your DNA.  We’re not born athletes.  We train to be athletes.  We’re not predestined to become “the best” at anything.  Your eyes are green… that’s DNA.  You have the drive to succeed… that’s just you.  That is a behavior adopted from what you have witnessed, what you were taught, what was expected of you, what became the expectations you’d forever hold for yourself.  There is no “awesome” chromosome.  Your double helix does not determine if you’ll cheat to win or if you’ll simply work harder than every person on the planet to achieve your goals.  You have control over where your life will go.  You won’t be taller or shorter… but there will always be the opportunity to “grow”.  The color of your eyes won’t ever change, but the way those eyes view the world around them is up to you.  You can be anything you want.


DNA is three letters that most people use as an excuse to never try… Your success is determined by you and only you.  So go get it…


Yours in health, fitness, and defying genetics,

Verity Somers

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