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Life: Consume Toxins, Begin Detox Diet, Repeat

I am frequently asked what I feel about “detox diets”, at which time (like so many times when answering questions regarding health), I simply answer, “It depends”.  This is immediately followed by a blank stare, an eyebrow raise, a look of concern, and then about ten thousand more questions.  Here’s the thing… Let’s say you suffer from frequent headaches… You are given a pill that has been “clinically proven” (who the hell knows what that means anymore anyway? I’d like to see these “clinics” and whose “proving” all this crap) to eliminate headaches if taken three times a day with a full glass of water for three whole days.  Unbeknownst to you, the pill is actually a tic tac.  You religiously take your magical tic tac meds as prescribed and WOW you’re headaches are gone.  Well, guess what… You also drank three full glasses of water with each dose.  Dehydration is the number one cause of headaches.  See where I’m headed with this?  You were also TOLD these pills would CURE YOU.  In your mind, you believed you’d get better.  You were immediately relieved at the thought of feeling better, and more than likely, got rid of your headaches simply by shifting your mentality on the matter… NOT by taking the pill/breath-mint/placebo.  What I’m saying is, often times when we decide to “detox” or “cleanse” or “take a new supplement” a plethora of things in our lives change as well.  We tend to begin to live a healthier life unrelated to the product we purchased on an infomercial at 2 am, then we give all the credit to that pointless product!  Our minds are the most powerful, complex, frustrating things. In the end, whether you feel better because your mind believed you were supposed to feel better, or if this product actually worked, you still feel better… So go ahead and detox or cleanse or whatever it is you feel you need to do to feel better.  Would I personally want to detox?  Umm… Do I want to go three days on liquids alone, then re-introduce vegetables, then slowly bring back legumes, then meat, or however these things go?  NO!  I want to eat… all the time.  When I eat mac and cheese for dinner every night for a week and begin to realize I may not be doing the best thing for my body, do I go on a mac and cheese cleanse?  No.  I just stop eating mac and cheese (reluctantly!).  I go back to eating good, healthy, dinners.  Do I really believe that mac and cheese has created a toxic environment in my body to the point that I need to starve myself to get those stubborn, cheesy, elbow macaroni’s out of my system.  NO!  The human body is AMAZING at regenerating cells, circulating blood, rebuilding damaged tissue, and on and on and on.  If we all spent less time figuring out how to be skinnier, or more tan, or less wrinkly, or more elastic, or less gray or whatever it is everyone is always obsessing about, I think we’d find we are amazing creatures.  So much so, that “detox diets” are quite an insult to our body’s natural tendency to WANT optimal health.  Its not the “detox” you should be worried about, its what you did to your body to make you feel so “toxic” in the first place.

Yours in health, happiness, and waste management,

Verity Somers

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