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One, Two, Skip a Few…

We have 24 hours in a day, and about 1 jillion things to do.

We must sleep for 8, work for 8, exercise, eat, brush, floss, rinse, repeat, etc, etc.

We are number crunchers.

It takes 30 minutes to get to work, $45 to fill up the tank, add 5 minutes to grab coffee, plus 500 calories for your white chocolate mocha, add 15 minutes to drop off the kids, subtract 10 if we snooze our alarm.

If we’re lucky enough to get 20 minutes to pick up all the healthy food we know we should be eating from the grocery store, we wait in line and read 20 different headlines on 10 different magazine covers boldly, loudly, obnoxiously stating how WE MUST LOSE WEIGHT!..

The number crunching continues…

To lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks before our 1 week vacation to Hawaii we must consume 1,200 calories or less, and burn 1,700 calories or more daily… or something like that…

So we start working out.

3 exercises, 3 sets, 30 minutes, 500 calories.

2 weeks go by.

Then, 5 exercises, 4 sets, 30 minutes of cardio, 800 calories.

We jump on the scale, and we have lost a grand total of ZERO pounds!


“My pants feel loser, people say I look thinner, I feel so much better, WHAT THE F*$%!”

Do me a favor.

Take 2 minutes right now and HIDE YOUR SCALE.

Take an additional 2 minutes the next time you’re out to pick up MEASURING TAPE.

Lastly, take 2 minutes right now to read the following…

The scale will NEVER tell how many pounds of you are comprised of fat vs muscle vs water vs bone, etc.

No matter how many times I tell my clients this fact, no matter how loosely a clients clothes can be hanging off their thinner, fit bodies, they STILL can be ruined by that damn scale!

Be smart.

Consider the facts.

Lose that tight, vice grip you have over numbers and “pounds”, and take note of how you look in the mirror, and more importantly how you feel each day you get dressed.

The truth is you know what to do, but for some reason you need validation constantly.

Don’t rely on your scale to tell you good job… tell yourself.

Exercise, eat right, and take the 30-60 seconds you would have spent on the scale (depending on how much sobbing were to follow), looking in the mirror at yourself to say, “I’m awesome”.


Yours in health, happiness, and not giving 1, 2, 3, or 4 cents about numbers,

Verity Somers


PS Here’s what I prefer over the scale, as a trainer. Contact me to have your proper circumference measurements taken.


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