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Raw Workouts VS The World

When I enrolled in Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) in Ventura (amazing program) to become business savvy (aka learn how to take over the world) I realized very quickly that the “service” I sell is personal training… actual, customized, well-thought out, prescriptions for health. My competition… “Personal Trainers” who could care less if you have a rotator cuff injury because they give every one of their clients the same cookie cut-out workouts while staring at their own reflection as you drop the barbell on your throat. The trainers who mindlessly count your reps while thinking, “Damn, I look good”.


The phony “trainers” I’m talking about pale in comparison to the other competition I’m up against… The quick fix, the fad diet, the cleanse, the detox, the blow-flex, the shake weight, the magical pill, and every other ridiculous infomercial you wake up to at 3 am. Kim Kardashian on your TV screen, wearing her shape-ups, strategically placing her ASSets in your face so that you find yourself hypnotized, mesmerized, so engrossed in her shapely shaped-up physique that you didn’t even realize you’d gone online and ordered a pair! At the end of that commercial she turns to the camera and says, “Bye-bye trainer”… WHAT?! Kim!? How dare you. Kim Kardashian is my competition… Kim Kardashian just told you to not work out with me… Not cool!


So, here’s the deal… Whether I ever train you, or you ever attend boot camp, or ever even step foot in a gym I want you to think about me and Raw Workouts as a constant source of health and happiness available to you when you want it, need it, don’t want it but know you should want it, etc. Think of it as a place of pure, brutal honesty… The things you don’t want to hear, but know to be true… No fancy labels or slick sales reps. I gain nothing from lying to you. I’m not sponsored by a fancy supplement label, I’m not in contract with any clothing line or equipment manufacturer… Its just me… Hi 🙂 Whenever your ready, I’ll be here…


Yours in health, happiness, and Raw Workouts!

Verity Somers

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