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Shhhhh… Stop Talking…

As the New Year begins we tend to spend a good part of December and January reflecting a little on our accomplishments and… well… “non-accomplishments”, let’s call them, of 2012.  It is an extremely stressful time, full of pressure and expectations.  Let’s be honest… Our “New Years Resolutions” lists have grease spots on them from “the last fries we’ll be eating for THE ENTIRE YEAR… seriously… I mean it this time”.  I think we all have our best, most brilliant revelations while overdosing on carbs and fat.  The things we say, these goals we speak of, mean nothing if not followed by action.  It’s quite a tricky predicament when you think about it.  We, truthfully, can say whatever the hell we want, whenever we want, with very little consequence.  In fact, when we say the words, “I’m really going to focus on eating better this year” as we’re leaving In ‘N’ Out we really feel a whole lot better about ourselves.  When we say, “I think I’m gonna join a gym” or “I think I’m gonna get a personal trainer”, we use those phrases as some sort of free pass from ever having to do either of those things… ever!

I am a huge advocate of solidifying one’s goals and holding oneself accountable to these goals by writing them down, saying them out loud, or telling a friend.  It is a great tool for success.  However, when you do these things to simply get out of taking any action at all, you’ve just created a HUGE problem.  When this happens you lose faith in YOURSELF… and that alone is harder to restore than any weight gain spiral you may have encountered this year.  To be “true to your word” is to follow all things spoken with action.  Going to the gym is the action which directly precedes losing weight.  SAYING you’re going to the gym technically can precede any number of things… going to bed… going on a crazed eating frenzy… going on an even more crazed Bevmo shopping spree.  See what I mean?

I hate to go with the overused cliche, “Actions speak loud than words”, but its true.  I’ll even take it one step further by saying that often times the loudest person in the room is the one doing absolutely nothing.  How could they be?  They’re spending they’re entire life yelling at people about how awesome they are…  They truly don’t have a spare moment to actually be awesome.  Where are the people getting things done?  They’re out GETTING THINGS DONE!  They don’t have time to talk to you about it.  Go.  Move.  Act.  Now.  Let those words resonate in your brain in 2013.  So let’s do it.  Finish this email, conquer the world.

Yours in health, happiness, silence, and action,

-Verity Somers

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