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The Awkward Trainer-Client Run-In

Scenario 1:

I’m walking through the aisles at Ralph’s and see a client who I haven’t seen in a while. When they see me coming towards them they shove their cart violently away from them, taking out small children, grandparents, you name in, who cares!?… “There is no chance in hell I’m gonna be caught by my trainer with these Cool Ranch Doritos in my cart!”

I approach and say hello.

Their instant response…

“Oh hiiiiiii! (usually very shrilly and high pitched… the sound you make when you’re nervous out of your mind, then instantly think, “Did I just make that sound?”)… I know I haven’t been to the gym in a while hahahahahaha (nervous laughter)… what happened was I went to… Siberia… and caught malaria… and then when I finally felt better I broke my… uh… face… um… it was a bad spill… very bad spill… but I recovered well… as you can see… here… by my face… as I talk to you… Soooooo how are youuuuu???”

“What? Siberia? Your face? Geez I’m sorry. I’m good… Just picking up some things…”

“Oh yeah… me too… I don’t believe in grocery carts… Wait… How did I get in the chip aisle? Oh man… I was looking for…. broccoli…. weird…”

“Yeah, maybe you should try the produce section…”


Scenario 2:

I walk into a restaurant and see a client with her husband, already seated, who spots me and instantly dives under their table to avoid being caught with a Corona and nacho appetizer, extra cheese.

I approach and say hello.

(As she climbs out from under the table)… “Oh, here it is honey!” (and passes off a piece of fuzz to her husband… The only thing she could find to appear as if she was doing something under the table aside from avoiding me at all costs).

Her husband (awkwardly), “Oh, yes… the piece of fuzz I was looking for… thanks honey…”

I say, “Nice to see you. How are you?”

She responds, “Yeah, I know!” (shrill, high pitchiness)… “We never go out to eat!.. My husband just wanted some greasy food tonight…” (as she looks down at her plate of nachos, and across the table at his plate of nachos)… “He’s really hungry”…


Ok… Why these things happen to me constantly… I don’t know… While absolutely hilarious, yet very uncomfortable at the same time… There is no need for this nonsense. Do your thing! Skip the gym, eat your nachos. I am not a scolder, or finger-shaker, or nagger, or name-caller, or any of those things. If I concerned myself with the happenings of my clients the other 23 hours of the day I do not see them I would go nuts. You set your goals, I explain the process I see best for you to reach those goals, and we begin. However, I truly am only here for a fraction of the process. The rest is up to you. You wanna ditch me for Cross Fit, or Insanity, or Billy Bob’s Boot Camps… go ahead. I will still say hi to you at Ralph’s and at your greasy nacho place too. What I won’t do is follow you around and slap donuts out of your hands, or demand push-ups at your cubicle to increase daily calorie burn, or hound you about getting to the gym. I want you to value me but not need me. I simply want to be icing on the cake (that you’re not allowed to eat…… bad metaphor). Each week these messages should marinate in your mind so the end result is something positive. You are in charge of your life. I am simply one fragment of millions you’ll encounter in your lifespan to shape and mold and move you somehow along the way. Hopefully, when you think about it now or in twenty odd years, you’ll think, “Verity was such a nut… but in a good way…”

If that happens to be true right now… You can write your thoughts in a review on Yelp 🙂 Look up Raw Workouts and follow the prompts. Write a review and receive one free training session! Maybe don’t say, “Verity is such a nut”… People actually do read these reviews 🙂


Yours in health, happiness, and awkward run-ins,

Verity Somers

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