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The Slippery Slope

Humans are crazy. No, no… humans who are dieting are crazy. Wait a minute, no. Humans who are ATTEMPTING to diet are crazy. In what other instance do we so badly fall off the deep end after one slip-up? You’ve seen these scenarios played out a million times… Justifying complete and total binge weekends due to diets that will “absolutely, 100%, without a doubt this time begin on Monday” (because, apparently, NO OTHER DAY will work ever!). Arriving at a friends birthday party and promising ourselves we’ll enjoy ONE glass of wine, which somehow turns into three bottles, and lots of uncontrollable sobbing and drunk text messaging about how undesirable we feel. Requesting a skinny latte and instead given an extra, super yummy, triple the whip, quadruple pump, not-at-all skinny frappacino instead… which then spirals into donuts at the office, pizza for lunch, and happy hour appetizers and beer for dinner… What?! She made my latte wrong! Damn barista! Hello?! My day was ruined from the start!

In what other aspect of our lives do these insane guidelines apply? We accidentally overdraw our account buying a toothbrush, so then we instantly decide to go buy a Range Rover? “What?! I blew all my money buying this toothbrush! I might as well just completely screw myself over”. We accidentally cut someone off… “Oh, crap, ok well I might as well speed to work, ignoring all stop signs, traffic signals, police lights, and my blinker? What blinker!? Hahahahaha!”. We show up five minutes late to work and decide we might as well just quit. We wake up five minutes after our alarm and decide to go into a week-long coma……… No, we don’t do that stuff, because its CRAZY! Thus proving my point that humans who are attempting to diet are crazy.

Get a grip. One slip, does not always have to result in a cataclysmic fall. A slip is a slip. It teaches you to regain your balance and composure and carry onward. Learn from the slip and better yourself. Do not allow bumps in the road to create an opening for weakness to sneak its way into your strong life. It is YOUR STRONG LIFE. You determine where you’re going and how quickly you’ll get there. Weakness is like delayed flights, really slow internet, or being stuck behind a railroad crossing waiting for a really loooong train to pass. Very, very irritating. True strength wouldn’t recognize weakness even it it were staring right at it. True strength has zero opponents. Blips, bumps, twists, and turns do not derail champions.

Yours in health, happiness, and regaining balance,

Verity Somers

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