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The Squat

Ironically enough, I’d say squatting is one of the most loathed exercises on the planet.  Why is this ironic?  Because, in my opinion, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU MAY EVER DO IN YOUR LIFE.  Here’s why… When we’re kids we watch our parents walk and move and bend and twist and we imitate them.  There is nothing in our DNA that determines how we will move.  It is replication of what we see, as we grow.  Lets say, growing up, our dad has bad knees and chooses to pick up the toys we left lying around by bending at the waist, rather then bending into a squat.  We then, as children, imitate the movements of an older man with bad knees, thereby NOT strengthening the very muscles necessary to avoid having bad knees.  So here we are, two decades later with bad knees just like our old man.  When you squat properly, you engage nearly every muscle in your body.  You, in fact, avoid SO MANY unnecessary injuries of the knees, hips, and back, by strengthening the musculature around these joints during a set of squats.  Your glutes develop fully (ladies, don’t act like you don’t ask how to improve your glutes daily!).  The curvature of your spine when squatting sends your hips into proper alignment, taking unwanted pressure out of your back and tightness out of your hamstrings.

Often without even realizing it, humans tend to take the path of least resistance.  We move in such a way, so as to conserve energy (as if to save it for an unexpected chase by some gigantic, scary creature).  That is why you lean onto one hip when you’re standing in line at the store, and why you’re slouching as you read this very email.  By becoming aware of this fact, and changing it, we will be doing ourselves a great service.  Here is a link to a video on how to perform a squat.  Any questions?  Good.  Let’s get to it…


Yours in health, happiness, and dropping it like its hot,

Verity Somers

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