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What If…

The game of “what if” is a curious thing…

What if, this Christmas, you didn’t receive a single gift? Would you still celebrate?

What if every person you ever bad-mouthed was eliminated from your Facebook “friends” list? Would you still have 542 friends?

What if you woke up tomorrow completely bald due to chemotherapy treatments to help fight the cancer spreading in your body? Would you still complain about traffic, or bills, or your difficult workouts at the gym?

We all have the capacity to be bad people, to say hurtful things, to be greedy and jealous… But what if we didn’t? What if we always knew how lucky we are? What if we were always kind, respectful, generous, gracious, forgiving, and loving? What if, everyday, we took a second to think…

“If I was stripped of everything I own, who would I be? Am I defined by what I have or who I am? What if I was forbidden to spend another dime on my hair, nails, skin, make-up, clothing, cars… WHO would I be?”

As Christmas comes and goes, and the new year begins, reflect on your life and put things into perspective. Be a better person, starting now. Losing ten pounds, eating healthy, being fit… Are those your most pressing concerns? Then yes, you are very lucky, indeed.


Happy Holidays from Raw Workouts 🙂

Verity Somers

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