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Why a game of Jenga may help you understand physics… sort of…

So you go for a run and all of a sudden you get a twinge in your right knee, which turns into that pinch in your left hip, then an ache in your right shoulder, travelling all the way up to your neck giving you minor headaches all day long? Fun stuff. Why does our body seem to collapse in on itself when one tiny thing goes awry? Lets turn to physics, shall we? (come on, you already have a headache!)… The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. When one muscle is impaired, the work that muscle is meant to do MUST go somewhere else… to another muscle, or in worse instances the work will transfer to a joint (a structure that is NOT meant to do the work of a muscle). That muscle or joint has to do twice the work it is meant to do and typically becomes injured, which exacerbates the problem even further.

Not a fan of physics. Ok, let’s talk about Jenga! You slide one piece out of that tower and the whole structure is compromised. Two pieces removed, matters only get worse. Your sisters distract you, palms start sweating, stakes are high, eventually the tower will fall. This is nearly identical to the human body. One joint or muscle is compromised, your weight shifts, work is distributed unevenly, weaker muscles must compensate for damaged ones, then all you have on your side is time (and typically not much of it). Until one day… JENGA! Or in this case, hip replacement surgery, ACL tear, slipped disks, and much worse.

So, what’s the point?

Don’t ignore your injuries. Little tweaks and twangs and bumps and bangs MATTER. Take care of them. If you’re thinking, “Well my right knee is shot, good thing I have my handy dandy left knee to do all the work”… Ummm… That mentality is gonna get you a punch in the face, from me, and a trip to the ER for alignment issues unrelated to the punch in the face. Pay attention to your body. Ladies with gigantic purses… I hope you carry that sucker on your right side just as much as your left side. Same with you boys and your wallets. Women carrying your kids on your hip… Switch hips… Or make them walk… Infants are so lazy these days.

And as a side note, does anyone still own Jenga?… So much fun…


Yours in health, happiness, and keeping all your pieces in line,


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