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Why I CANNOT be on board with the “one glass of wine a night” epidemic…

It seems that as we grow we become emotionally attached to different forms of food. The toddler sippy cup phase progresses into the childhood sour gummy worm phase moving quickly into the teenage soda thing, then we’re adults and we’re mature and we are way beyond food addiction… Hahahahahaha… Oh man… That’s funny.

No, as adults, we go for the more sophisticated “one glass of red wine a night” phase because this is “healthy” right? Kind of like when you leave Trader Joe’s with a basket full of cheese and cookies and danishes and you feel absolutely FABULOUS because they’re all labeled “organic”. Yep, you’re healthy.

So, check it out. One cup of red wine contains about 200 calories. So… perfect… I’ll have my wine then hop out of bed the next morning, go for a 20 minute run, burn 200 calories, and badabing badaboom, I’m a super model. Wait, wait, wait. Every calorie you consume is processed by your body in different ways; Energy, fat storage, muscle growth, nutrient absorption, etc, etc, etc. So here’s the deal with alcohol; Alcohol, whenever taken in, is the first fuel your body burns. While that’s going on, your body will not burn fat. This does not stop weight loss, it simply postpones it.

At this point the question moves beyond “WHAT” you want for your body and health and physique to “WHEN” do you want it? If you consume 1,200 calories in a day and you burn 1,200 calories that same day AND THEN you have your much needed, emotional baby blanket, glass of red wine after dinner, you will gain weight! Tah dah!

Go ahead, make brownies with applesauce instead of vegetable oil. Have your diet coke with that cheese burger. Keep filling your cart with high calorie organic goodies. You could still reach all of your goals… maybe… eventually… someday… but why wait? Do it now. Stop making excuses. You grew out of the sippy cup phase, right?… right???


Yours in health, happiness, and detaching yourself from the tannins,

Verity Somers

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