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Questions, Answers, Yelling, and More Yelling…

All your fitness questions answered right here, right now…

Question number one…

How many calories do I have to burn in order to lose ten pounds before I go to Vegas tomorrow?


……….seriously? (yep, that’s really my answer)

Question 2

If I run in a sweater, beanie, scarf, and snow pants will I lose more weight?


If, by lose weight, you mean pass out, then yes

Question 3

I’ve worked out three times today and I just can’t seem to lose weight, OMG!  What’s the deal?


The deal is, you have In-N-Out secret sauce smeared on your shirt.  Did you not catch that?  When I asked how your diet was and you said “good” did you mean to say “I’m a liar”.  What are you putting in your mouth?  Stop lying to me and yourself then maybe we can talk.

Question 4

Do you have older brothers that always picked on you, Verity?  Is that why you’re so mean.


Nope, two sisters… next?

Question 5

Is there any chance you could be less mean?  It’s a bit harsh sometimes…



Alrighty, well there you have it.  Any other burning questions?  Ask away!

By the way, the training schedule for the Santa Barbara half-marathon is now NEW and IMPROVED!  For details contact me at veritysomers@yahoo.com OR 805-312-1729.  I will send you updates on the run of the day and the running schedule of the week via text!

Also… It is time for YOUR TESTIMONIALS.  I’m working with Cory at Dandyline Design (follow her onFacebook) to revamp the Raw Workouts website.  I want your feedback.  Free-write, if you wish, or for more structure respond to the following outline…

1)  Describe your experience working with Verity as your personal trainer.

2)  How could your experience have been better?

3)  Do you find the weekly emails helpful?  Annoying?  Harsh?

4)  Tell me about you… Who are you?  What goals did you have at the start of your program with Verity?  Did you reach those goals?  If not, why?  If so, what are your new goals?  How will you accomplish them?

If you are interested in sending before and after photos as well that would be fantastic…  You should be proud of your success.  So here’s your chance to tell me how you REALLY FEEL.  Have at it…  and send your responses to veritysomers@yahoo.com.


Questions?  Concerns?  I look forward to your testimonials (and easy does it on the sarcasm, thank you very much!)


Yours in health, happiness, and sayin’ it how it is,

Verity Somers

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